My body is tired
eyes are sleepy
Can't feel inspired
thoughts consume me

My mind is now closed
until tomorrow
I've ran out of space
for others' sorrow

My heart is full and heavy
hard for me to carry
I need someone to help me
this pain I must bury

I tried to return it
to whom it belongs
I've looked everywhere
but waited too long


Be Spontaneous

They say it's good to 
have a routine, 
but don't get too 

Because if you do, 
your life and what you 
remember will slip 
away and your days will 
run together
with no distinction.

Always keep an open 
invitation for spontaneity. 
Those memories will 
take root in your mind, 
and like a flower pushing 
through broken concrete 
to bloom, will make you 
smile when they pop into 
your mind- 
even on the gloomiest of days.