The Key

All this time I had 
the key to my healing.

I just didn't know what
the key was supposed to 

I'll admit, I forgot 
about it on my cluttered
key chain for a long

It took losing a lot of 
extra keys I had been 
carrying around. 

Until finally, when I 
felt like I'd been left 
with nothing, I saw the 
key I had forgotten 

With no one to please, 
no reason to impress, no
where to go, and nothing
better to do, I began to
search for what the key

And then one day, I 
decided the suffering 
had to end.

That's when I started to 
write. And when I do, I 
feel calm, peaceful, and 
more confident than ever

More so than any person 
has ever made me feel.


Missing Piece

One of the most profound 
moments in life is when you 
find that missing piece to 
the puzzle you needed in order 
to discern what you're 
looking at. 

There's a shift.
A shift in perspective.
A shift in emotion.
You're forced to reevaluate 
what you thought to be true.

I'm starting to accept the 
fact that we don't need all 
the pieces of the puzzle to 
know what we're looking at.


Grab Your Shovel

The only way to heal your 
pain is to understand it.

The only way to understand 
it is to fight through it 
and learn where it comes from.

You have to dig through all 
the horrid memories- 
the memories you've spent 
years trying to forget.

Because when we bury pain, 
we might forget what 
caused it, but we still 
feel it... even if only 
on a subconscious level.

But the pain will be 
overwhelming and confusing, 
and won't make sense to 
anyone, or even yourself.