Step Off

Before you can be anything 
else, you must be a 
humanitarian first.

And if that doesn't make 
sense to you, then I 
suggest you step off of 
the platform you have 
built for yourself, 
and destroy it 

Lay down in the grass, 
feel the Earth beneath
you and dig your fingers 
into the soil.

Understand that while 
we may be an undeniably 
intelligent species, 
we are still vulnerable 
to extinction.  

And when they say there 
is strength in numbers, 
it is not about surrounding 
yourself with those who 
are like you.

It is about living in 
harmony with everyone 
around you.


Words to Live by

Shut your eyes and 
close your heart.
You'll find comfort 
in the dark.

Life is tough, 
but so are you.
All of your dreams 
will come true.

You need yourself 
and no one else.
Play the hand which 
you were dealt.

Be kind to those 
who need it most.
You must be sure 
to never boast.

The quiet moments 
are most important.
Your gut is right, 
do not ignore it.

Clear your mind 
and breathe deeply.
Just stay calm- 
don't worry sweetie.



I can't tell you how 
many times I almost 
unbuckled my seatbelt, 
pulled up the lock on 
my door to open it, 
and threw myself out 
of the car.  

I thought about how many 
seconds it would take me 
to do this-

how quickly I could make 
it happen,

and how to do it so you 
wouldn't be able to stop me.

I never did, only because 
there's people out there 
who need me to stay strong.

I thought about it though, 
how it would feel for my 
flesh to be ripped off 
my body as I hit the asphalt.

I told myself it wouldn't 
hurt as much as your 
relentless screaming.

But now, as I get to see 
the ones I love dearly 
everyday, and squeeze them...

It somehow makes all the 
pain worth it.