Once upon a time there was a girl
who dreamed to see the whole wide world.
But at some point she had lost her way,
and from her path she began to stray.

Searched for happiness in all the wrong places.
Became overwhelmed by all the strange faces.
Desperately tried to find the meaning
in this empty life she had been living. 

Then one day she felt drained.
Looked in the mirror, no longer sane.
If you asked her she wouldn't know
what she wanted, or where she would go.

Mistaken for peace she wouldn't deny
the life she had, but couldn't satisfy
the fire that still lived within her,
even if it had diminished to embers.

At some point she decided to nourish
the gift she had, the one she was born with.
The magic was unlike anything she'd seen.
The magic you feel when you follow your dreams.


My Friend

I fell in love with my 
loneliness once my mind
and I became friends.

I was afraid of it for
so long but once I 
listened to what it had
to say we were both
able to move on.

Then, it started to show
me the things I really
loved to do.

Now I don't feel like 
drowning it out with 

And as long as I have it, 
my mind,
my friend,

I know I'm going to live 
a happy life.  



I miss being able to read the
way I did when I was a little 
girl. All I had to do was pick
a quiet space, usually on the 
floor in my closet. The moment
when it captivated me I was no
longer in my body. The only 
thing moving was my eyes across
the words and my small delicate 
fingers, turning each page 
quicker than the last. Until 
suddenly I could see where it 
ended and I was right back where 
I started, with no idea of how
much time had passed. 


My Room

Sunlight beamed through the 
windows and my filled my room. 
Through the warm light dust 
danced around in the air. The 
rustic oak floors were shiny 
and I could feel the tiny bumps 
and grooves as I slid my fingers 
across the surface. My bed was 
gigantic as if it belonged in 
a castle. As I climbed into it 
I sunk deep down into my powder 
pink silk comforter and felt 
like I was being held by a cloud. 
Above me was a white net canopy. 
It wrapped around my bed as I 
slept. Some mornings I would 
wake up to a few lady bugs or
dirt daubers resting on the 
outside of it. And my walls... 
I could stare at them for hours. 
From the bottom there was wild 
and tall grass painted all shades 
of green, just like the field
outside my windows. The tiny 
wallpaper field fairies danced 
along the light blue walls and 
into the white sponge painted 
clouds. Underneath my bed I
carved my name into the white 

It was the most beautiful place 
in the world.