Define the Light

You find light in the 
darkness or so I've been 
Words I took for 
granted when I was
blinded by the 

Though so cliché, 
these words would 
soon ring 
For it was in my 
darkest moments
when I found 

In hindsight we find
what we needed 
But there's a price 
we must pay if we 
wish to be 

We're curious creatures 
with wandering 
And if we settle too
early we will always ask 

The meaning is 
defined by how we 
A definition that 
varies from one to 



Look into the mirror 
and tell me
Tell me you like 
what you see
because that is
what it takes
If you want to
be with me

I'm not looking 
for perfection
I'm not looking 
for a prince
I'm just looking for 
someone who's happy
With what they've
been given 



Waving at the cars in 
your hospital gown
Did you really think 
one was gonna slow down?
I don't blame you for
escaping last night
I'm not sure their 
diagnosis was right

I know you long for a 
place no one else one sees
And the things you've told 
me, I can't help but believe
But this place you want to 
go is way too far
I wish you'd leave your 
colors just as they are

Will you wait for me so we 
can go together?
I think the only way is if 
we can go together

The colors you're missing,
I've got them to share
But I'm afraid they'll 
fade if you're not there
Just wait a little longer,
I've got things to do
Don't you want to see 
my dreams come true?

I know this world isn't 
kind to a soul like yours
And I don't think you'll
find what you're looking for
But if you happen to meet 
Van Gogh in the sky,
will you tell him his 
paintings make me cry?