The Part

So many people want to work 
towards things they can't 
see yet

But all I want is to discover 
the place inside me that is 
buried beneath the fear, 
hurt, and self-doubt

The part of me that only  
speaks when it's quiet 
with no one else around

The part of me that emerges 
when inspiration captivates 
me and takes over my mind

The part of me that has kept 
me up countless nights 
verbalizing its thoughts 
on the page I'm staring down at 
while I sit and wonder 
where they're coming from

It's the part of 
me I know is there
but have a hard 
time believing in


Clear Air

There's so many smells
I don't remember
things I've forgotten
that I've seen
and more often than not
things just aren't 
as they seem

and though 
I feel shaken
to my very core
I can't let 
myself forget
that I've been 
here before

I know the air is 
clearer than what 
I see right now 
And I know I will 
get through this 
I just have to
remember how