Clear Air

There's so many smells
I don't remember
things I've forgotten
that I've seen
and more often than not
things just aren't 
as they seem

and though 
I feel shaken
to my very core
I can't let 
myself forget
that I've been 
here before

I know the air is 
clearer than what 
I see right now 
And I know I will 
get through this 
I just have to
remember how 



the month when 
things will change
I'll breathe in
without aim

my summer glow 
will fade away
new scars to show
I'm not the same

older and wiser
that's how it goes
life transpires
can't foreshadow 

warmly greet
all things new
It'll be 
October soon

crisp leaves
cool air
I'll see 
you there



My Thoughts

Morning dew still on 
the ground
Same thoughts come 
back around
I'd hoped today would be
Can't seem to find a 
new rhythm 

I know what I want and 
how to get it 
but something in me's
Why do I struggle giving 
myself love
What exactly is it I'm 
afraid of 

Maybe I need to learn
or how to let go so I can 
move past this 
I think I'm scared of
what could happen
Why are my thoughts so 
hard to fathom