I had a dollhouse
just like yours
I used to play with it 
for hours on the floor

my daddy doll 
would often go missing 
but the other dolls
never stopped living

I wonder where he went 
when he was gone
probably somewhere great 
he never hurried back home 



I'm the girl 
who can mend your 
broken heart

Pull the rope, 
bring you back 
in from the dark

But there is 
something you 
should know

At any moment
I might have
to let go 

I need my space 
so I can be 

And I can't do 
that with you 
tied to me 



You are one of my favorite 

Even when you're gone,
you continue to live in 
my head

I imagine you there 
when I miss you

I imagine the words I
need to hear coming out
of your mouth

I turn to my side,
close my eyes and 
imagine yours looking
back at mine

I imagine so much
I can't help but be 
disappointed by reality



My best remedy for 
loneliness is to get in 
bed with my favorite blanket. 
Then, as I turn to my side 
I pull it over my whole 
body and up to my neck. With 
the blanket covering my entire 
fist, I tuck it beneath my 
chin. Then, with my knees 
bent I place one foot on top 
of the other in a way so they 
are spooning.

Something about this makes 
me feel like my body was meant 
to be held by me.