Just Passin’ Through

Just passin' through-
thought I'd have a bite
At that place we used 
to go all the time
Where the air is cold
and the dishes clank
But you still go cause
they remember your name

The kind of town where 
you'll get stuck 
And convince yourself 
what you know is enough
The trees are pretty 
and the air is clean
But it's hard to see when
you follow the sheep

I drink my tea and try
to think of some reasons
Why my empty time here
might've had some meaning
From the inside out you
get a better view
Of what the outside in 
has to offer you 

I might sound bitter  
and maybe I am
Felt a little cheated with
the cards in my hands
Had this little feelin' I was 
meant for something more
So I cut my losses
and chose another door


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