I wake up screaming 
and you don't know why
Doesn't feel right to 
keep living this lie
I can see in your eyes
you want so much more
But I'm already halfway 
out the door

You made me laugh and 
your touch made me stay
But I used you to help
cover the pain
When I needed you, you
were always there
So after a while I 
couldn't help but care

But I should've 
kept running
Shouldn't have 
stopped when I 
saw you
I should've 
known better
But I didn't 
know what else 
to do

There were moments when
I thought it was real
Convinced myself you were
quite the steal
It's easy to lie when 
your heart's gone numb
But deep down I knew you
were never the one

I wish I could give back 
your wasted time
Been more true to this 
heart of mine
But a part of me thought
what the hell
I guess I knew only time 
could tell


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