I miss playing cards 
with you
And staying up all night 
with you
And the moments when you held 
me close
And tickled me with 
your toes
And I still read 
your note
And wonder if what 
you wrote
Is still the way that 
you feel
Cause what we had felt 
so real

I used to run from 
the pain 
Tried to whisper 
other names
But I always dreamt 
of you
Do you understand 
what I had to do

I never wanted it to be 
like this
Loving you was all I 
ever did
Even when I pushed 
you away
It's cause I knew you'd 
never stay

I never wanted to play games 
with you
But now that's all we 
ever do
You hurt me like it brings 
you joy
To treat me like some kind 
of toy

But I still dreamt of you
And never stopped missing


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