Waving at the cars in 
your hospital gown
Did you really think 
one was gonna slow down?
I don't blame you for
escaping last night
I'm not sure their 
diagnosis was right

I know you long for a 
place no one else one sees
And the things you've told 
me, I can't help but believe
But this place you want to 
go is way too far
I wish you'd leave your 
colors just as they are

Will you wait for me so we 
can go together?
I think the only way is if 
we can go together

The colors you're missing,
I've got them to share
But I'm afraid they'll 
fade if you're not there
Just wait a little longer,
I've got things to do
Don't you want to see 
my dreams come true?

I know this world isn't 
kind to a soul like yours
And I don't think you'll
find what you're looking for
But if you happen to meet 
Van Gogh in the sky,
will you tell him his 
paintings make me cry?


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