Some Days

Most days I want to rip
off all my skin
Tear out all the pages
and start again
I can't stand how the 
air feels
I'm never sure if these
feelings are real

I wish I could go back 
in time
And warn myself to not 
be so kind
People don't return the
love you give them
And they'll leave you
empty in the end

I was wiser when I was 
Tended first to my own
Listened to the world 
and it told me
I needed someone to love
to complete me

A fool I am to have 
believed that lie
Those selfish people
will never satisfy-
The insatiable desire 
deep within me
Is a desire that only I 
will ever see 

Some days I can suddenly
Through the darkness I 
clearly see
There's a reason for all 
this pain
Something to be made with 
what remains 


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