My favorite thing about
waitressing was always 
meeting new people. I 
loved watching mothers 
bring in their newborns 
and thought about how 
difficult it must've been
to venture from their house
that day. I loved seeing 
toddlers' curiosity and the
way in which they inspected 
me each time I walked to the 
table. I'd give them my 
swipe card and show them how
if they pulled on it, it would
retract back to my belt. I 
remember sensing the discomfort
of young women as they dined with
much older men who kept pushing
drinks their way. I would try
to send them a message with 
my eyes, but they always looked 
down at the table, staring, as 
if they'd never seen a table 
before. But by far my favorite
tables were those older couples
who were so obviously in love.
I felt it as soon as I approached
them. I wanted to sit down with 
them while they dined and watch 
how they treated each other. And 
before they left, I would always 
ask them 
"What's the secret?"


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