The Key

All this time I had 
the key to my healing.

I just didn't know what
the key was supposed to 

I'll admit, I forgot 
about it on my cluttered
key chain for a long

It took losing a lot of 
extra keys I had been 
carrying around. 

Until finally, when I 
felt like I'd been left 
with nothing, I saw the 
key I had forgotten 

With no one to please, 
no reason to impress, no
where to go, and nothing
better to do, I began to
search for what the key

And then one day, I 
decided the suffering 
had to end.

That's when I started to 
write. And when I do, I 
feel calm, peaceful, and 
more confident than ever

More so than any person 
has ever made me feel.


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