When you tell me you 
don't want to live 
without me, and that 
you're in love with 
who I am as a person, 
it has no impact on me. 
We shared special moments, 
and you held me for many 
nights, but this person 
you're talking about 
isn't me. You see, you 
were drawn in by my 
soft and full lips, my 
wide and innocent eyes, 
and my mind's unique 
ability to relate to you  
in ways no one else has 
before. You've fallen in 
love with the things I've 
carefully selected to show 
you about me. But behind 
these eyes are things 
you've never seen. 
And beyond these lips 
are words I've never 
spoken. And in this mind 
are thoughts you will never 
be able to comprehend. And 
while you may have held and 
entered my body, you have 
never come close to 
penetrating my soul.  


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