The therapist fills each 
moment of silence with 
yet another provoking 

"How do you think all 
of this affects you now?"

I turn to the left and 
lock my eyes on his. 
I stare deeply into his 
piercing blue eyes 
before I begin to speak. 

"You know, for the 
longest time I've felt 
incomplete. I've had a 
hole inside of me my 
entire life and have 
been filling it with all 
the wrong things. I have 
buried my pain all these 
years. To me, my problems
weren't worthy or 
comparable to those of 
others. People needed me 
and I could help fix them. 
After so many years of 
living this way I forgot 
how it felt to feel... 
so much so that I didn't 
care how people treated me...

because at least 
they were still there."


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