No hero is ever perfect
they make mistakes
but they're sorry
so you forgive them
because they're your hero

but the problem is
the hero sets the bar 
for all the other roles
in your life

and if they set 
the bar too low,
you may be settling
for less than you deserve 


Who Are You

Who are you
with your careless words
spilling out faster than
I can catch

Who are you
with your puzzled past
too complicated 
for me to figure out

Who are you 
pretending like you see
things in me
I haven't let you see yet

Who are you
making me feel different
and special
and then leaving me in the corner
the way everyone else does



What is it like 
not to feel everything
so deeply

Would the autumn breeze
still chill my bones

Would music still move 
me to tears

Would disappointment 
still be as crippling

Would love still be 
as paralyzing

What I want to know
is would my world fade 
a little

If I didn't feel 
so deeply